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D'Addario EXL 120 Super Light Gauge Strings

When buying electric guitar strings I think the most important thing
is to get the right gauge (thickness).

They are measured in thousandths of an inch
from 1st string (thin) to 6th string (thick).

I would recommend this gauge,
1E 0.009   2B 0.011   3G 0.016  4D 0.024   5A 0.032   6E 0.042

Just ask for a set of electric guitar strings,
size 9 to 42 & they will know what you mean.

When choosing a brand, D'Addario are a popular choice
but you should try out all of the different brands &
make your own choice.

They are available from all music stores & online.

The best price I am able to find online is $7.49.